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The pandemic that has hit the world, and whose origins remain unclear, has shown the various facets of human nature. It has also, by its brutality, brought to light all the shortcomings, claims of all kinds, real or supposed to be so. It also proved that it was time to reflect, calmly, patiently, on the meaning of life, on the future of humans and our planet, on the means of leading one’s life towards greater freedom despite the constraints, to gain height together to think better, to restore human dignity in fraternity.

Freemasonry brings together people of all conditions, origins, beliefs: it shows what we have found best to understand today’s world and find a way of life to share with our contemporaries, to bequeath to our successors without that they should be ashamed of the actions of their elders.

Liberal Freemasonry, which brings together members outside of any political party, any religion, any socio-economic pressure in the serene calm of its premises, works for a real improvement of each human being in order to be able to contribute to improving the society, each in his own environment, and live more intelligently with his fellow men.

Even if Freemasonry has a few centuries of existence and immutable practices, it has proved, with famous members, but especially with all the anonymous people who have applied its virtues at their modest level, that it is possible to move the world towards more freedom, equality, solidarity, honesty, trust, well-being. We would need to be more numerous to bend the downward curve on which our societies are drifting.

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Under the auspices of the C.·.I.·.L.·.É.·.

  • 24 September 2022

Public conference in Mulhouse (Alsace)

Led by the Grand Master, the President of the Federal Council and S.’. Yvette Ramon

  • 30 September 2022
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