“The human being is defined by the whole of his acts while looking for the permanent construction of himself”.

The International Confederation of Scottish Lodges (C.-.I.-.L.-.E.-.) is a Masonic organization grouping workshops of all degrees established without opposing or imposing borders.

It is a legal association, whose statutes are duly declared to the French authorities, and which works under the following regime:

  • Confederal regime, which implies the administrative autonomy of its workshops.
  • The Constitution was adopted by the founding members.
  • The method of work adopted is the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, the rituals, faithful to the Tuileur de Lausanne (1875) put into circulation by the Federal Consistory, are available in the languages in use in the regions of implantation.
  • The General Regulations of the C.I.L.E., which form the internal regulations of the Confederation, were adopted by the founding members.


  • To work ritualistically, efficiently, calmly, without having to deal with a heavy bureaucracy
  • To exchange with our FF.-. and SS.-. of all geographical horizons thanks to the means which we have at our disposal, without borders and without barriers, even diverted
  • Respect the cultures of all our brothers.-. and sisters.-.
  • To truly work towards the humanistic and generous goals of Freemasonry while increasing the cultural background of our members.


The C.I.L.E. proposes to each of its members a personal Masonic project which begins with his initiation in a blue lodge, and a course of deepening and widening of his Masonic and human culture in the 30 degrees which follow, without interruption, until the 33rd, the ultimate degree of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite in specific workshops.


The C.I.L.E. workshops work according to the Masonic method of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, with Officers elected each year, and approach the symbolic and societal questioning with a Freemason’s eye. No degree of the course of deepening and widening gives power within the workshops or the administration of the C.-I.-.L.-.É.-.