Wokism: a hell paved with good intentions!

For years, objects, mouvements and fashions have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to land in Europe, for example chewing gum and Coca Cola at the end of the Second World War, the hippie movement in the 70s, Facebook, Twitter more recently, etc…

And wokism lately.

The adjective “woke” even entered the dictionaries in 2022.

Even though some fashions, some currents have remained harmless, it is not the case of Wokism.

Yet the movement was born out of a somewhat slang phrase “stay woke”, used to refer to those who struggle against racial, sexist discrimination in particular, following the Black Lives Matter in 2013, manifesting itself in the cultural field in the form of struggles against white, male, heterosexual supremacists

Making societies more just, more equitable, a true and noble goal!

Except that, in the USA and in Europe, the activists of Wokism want to “clean up” everything: society, literature, art, cultures.

The “cleansing” took the form of a crusade meant to regenerate the world, the form of a sectarian communitarianism, a witch hunt to those accused of having skin too light, or having had colonialist ancestors, refusing ethnic mixing, rewriting history, even if it bothers, etc. The weapons of Wokism are neither whipping nor stoning as in radical Islam, nor burning as in the Middle Ages, but computer tools and so-called “social” networks: boycott, denigration, banishment.

All this to “deconstruct” the representations of the dominant culture, men and women boasting of being “deconstructed”…

Struggles against discrimination of all kinds are legitimate, it is also in all the constitutions of democratic states.

In the C.·.l.·.L.·.E.·. we know what it means to be banished, this is why we fight all forms of stigmatization, but we cannot condone the holy wars of all kinds, the indefensible excesses and violence engendered by these “crusaders of Wokism” who resemble the KKK , but in reverse.

Fairness, listening and fraternity would not be superfluous.

I have spoken.·.


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